ALCAR company profile

ALCAR is an internationally active industrial and commercial group which places its strategic focus on steel and alloy wheels. The ALCAR Group is also the market leader in the European automotive aftermarket sector.

The group's main business activities focus on wholesaling on national and international level as well as manufacturing steel and alloy wheels. The companies of the ALCAR Group stand for customer and market orientation, innovative design, state-of-the-art production technology and service-oriented logistics.

The presence of the Austrian group of companies across Europe amounts to roughly 29 companies in 16 European countries. The company’s seven proprietary brands sells 5.5 million wheels worldwide. ALCAR employs more than 780 persons around the globe.

The ALCAR Group's head office is located in Hirtenberg, Austria, approximately 35 km south of Vienna.


Leobersdorfer Straße 24
2552 Hirtenberg

T: +43 2256 801-0
F: +43 2256 801-119


The business units of the alcar group

ALCAR HOLDING GMBH forms the legal framework for all activities within the ALCAR Group.

Making key decisions on strategy, acquisitions and the establishment of new companies. The holding company’s main tasks comprise the group's strategic planning, managing and supporting its subsidiaries, accounting and finance, as well as human resources.

alcar locations

Steel Wheels
Alloy Wheels
ALCAR Leichtmetallräder Produktion GmbH,
D-58809 Neuenrade-Küntrop

ALCAR Wheels GmbH, A-2552 Hirtenberg

ALCAR Heringrad GmbH, A-2552 Hirtenberg
OCL Brorssons AB, S-602 28 Norrköping
ALCAR Bohemia S.R.O., CZ-251 01 Nupaky
ALCAR Danmark A/S, DK-8464 Galten
ALCAR Hungária KFT., H-8618 Kereki, H-1037 Budapest
Gumi-Profi Team KFT., H-8618 Kereki, H-1037 Budapest,
H-7630 Pécs, H-60000 Kecskemét, H-8400 Pápa
ALCAR Wheelbase Romania SRL, RO-041837 Bucharest
ALCAR Deutschland GmbH, D-53721 Siegburg,
D-76877 Offenbach, D-09125 Chemnitz, D-49076 Osnabrück
DBV Würzburg GmbH, D-97080 Würzburg
ALCAR Benelux B.V., NL-3641 SG Mijdrecht
ALCAR Benelux B.V., B-9080 Lochristi
ALCAR Polska SP.Z.O.O, PL-05-506 Lesznowola

RC Sport Alcar France SARL, F-38300 Bourgoin-Jallieu
ALCAR Italia S.R.L, I-20836 Briosco (MB)
ALCAR Slovakia, SK-911 05 Trenčín
ALCAR Finland, FI-01510 Vantaa


SYNERGIEs of a strong group

The name ALCAR stands for the ongoing expansion of its leadership position in the steel and alloy wheel aftermarket. Thanks to its globally linked international network, the ALCAR Group is able to meet the modern-day challenges of maintaining a global presence.

ALCAR also stands for the stability and security of an independent and financially sound group of companies. The comprehensive integration of our product development, production and international distribution activities forms our strategic core competency. ALCAR's sales partners benefit from the full advantages that result from these synergy effects, which secures the ALCAR Group’s expanding market leadership.

ALCAR`s MIssion: to lead the market

ALCAR is the global leader for steel and alloy wheels in the passenger vehicle aftermarket. By focusing on its core business, ALCAR guarantees that its competence centres and distribution companies stay ahead of the competition in innovation, product range and service.

alcar`s strategy: to strenghten the sales Partners

ALCAR gears its strategy towards boosting the commercial benefits for its sales partners. Our focus is on our products and service, as well as on meeting customer requirements, engaging in assertive marketing and pursuing active communication with ALCAR sales partners.

alcar`s corporate culture: to motivate people

At ALCAR, we reaffirm our corporate culture every day by everything we say and do. Our focus is on entrepreneurial thinking, self-motivated and responsible behaviour. At ALCAR, communication channels are direct and open, and our employees share their pride in their mutual success.

alcar`s wheels: to profile brands

ALCAR believes in the power of strong brands. They extend the strengths of the ALCAR Group to the product level and are the main features that set our brands apart for our trade partners and their customers.

alcar history

The ALCAR Group is in the 38th year of its existence. The company expanded gradually and evolved into the European market leader for steel and aluminum wheels in the passenger vehicle aftermarket. Experience the success story of ALCAR as a journey through time with a few clicks: