alcar brands

success goes by many names

ALCAR relies on the strength of its brands. They round out the organisational cornerstones
of our group on the product level and are the main successes we hold up to distinguish ourselves
from the competition vis-à-vis our partners and end customers.

AEZ wheels

AEZ - the image brand - exclusive, formal perfection of design, excellent quality and extensive range of applications in the upper price segment.


AEZ Wheels - the Image brand

Trends often shoot across the sky like fireworks. The spectators gasp "Oh and ahh", and all too soon the rockets are burned up, falling to the ground and already forgotten. The motto of premium wheel manufacturer AEZ is that high-quality designs should never be about flashy attempts to impress, but should make their impact felt long-term. After all, anyone making investments in the high-quality products of tomorrow does not want to be yesterday's news any time soon. Thanks to this philosophy, AEZ has been successful in combining the highest quality in materials and production technology, as well as dedicated service, thereby maintaining its well-earned reputation for excellence among an exclusive and discriminating public.

AEZ stands for authentic designs that have served as the ignition for many an innovative idea. A skilled trendsetter shapes original ideas that are only one step ahead of of prevailing tastes, and yet never
manages to be eclipsed by the spirit of the time. These are all features that AEZ customers make a priority when choosing their automobiles. For that reason, our alloy wheels are often the first choice for owners of luxurious sedans, elegant convertibles or imposing SUVs. And naturally for drivers of fast sports cars as well, who are attracted by the dynamic energy inherent in our designs.

Motivated by their passionate interest in automobiles and their particular affinity for engineering excellence, AEZ customers are extremely discerning. This gives us extra incentive to fulfil our leadership role, not just in terms of design, but also in manufacturing and material selection. A striking exterior may attract customers, but it is quality that keeps them coming back. For that reason, AEZ has long been committed to manufacturing in Germany, where AEZ wheels are made at the production sites in Werdohl and Neuenrade.
Both the production methods at AEZ and our quality assurance mechanisms meet the highest standards. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not put our trust in random product testing – after all the wheels form the vital cornerstones connecting the car to the road. Every single AEZ wheel undergoes a complete quality check cycle. Furthermore, in many of its models AEZ relies on the innovative EH2+Hump for use in run-flat tyres, which has already become part of the standard equipment offered by many premium manufacturers. However, AEZ owes its success not only to its demanding production and development standards, but also to its sophisticated logistics systems. ALCAR LEICHTMETALLRÄDER GMBH has the largest inventory of alloy wheels in the European aftermarket sector at its German distribution centres and at its Austrian headquarters in Hirtenberg, thereby ensuring the very best delivery services for our customers.


dotz wheels

"Tune into DOTZ" The lifestyle. The brand. When DOTZ is in the mix, name of the game is speed, styling, competence and the art of tuning.

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dotz wheels - "tune into dotz"

For those who like life on the edge. For those who dedicate themselves heart and soul to their hobbies. This is the target group DOTZ has in mind for its wheels. The brand stands for a world infused with energy, dynamic momentum and temperament. DOTZ creates its masterpieces for all those who see their cars not only as a simple means to get from one place to another, but rather as a way to define their lifestyle. After their introduction, the wheels, which always stir up a great deal of excitement, often illicit emotional discussions within the scene, proving that DOTZ manages to reflect the unique tastes of its customers every time – in the form of elaborate creations, various experiments with colour designs, hubcaps or various finishes. In a nutshell: The endless possibilities of a customised reinvention of the wheel. DOTZ has its finger on the pulse of the times and provides its customers with wheels that enable them to communicate their personalities to the world.
DOTZ designers get their inspiration and ideas from key markets all over the world. They don't follow trends, they set them. In addition to developing unique designs for its wheels, ALCAR's tuning brand focuses on reliability. Customers not only want an innovative and one-of-a-kind product, but have also come to rely on high-quality manufacturing and finishing. During production, our alloy wheels undergo thorough and comprehensive testing carried out by the German TÜV certification institute, which examines driving performance and structural strength. DOTZ is also uncompromising when it comes to availability and distribution. There is nowhere in Europe where DOTZ wheels cannot be delivered within 24 hours. The ALCAR Group's comprehensive network ensures that nobody will have to wait long for their favourite wheels to arrive.

dezent wheels

A broad range of designs and applications, coupled with attractive prices, make DEZENT an all-rounder among ALCAR's brands.


dezent im preis - qualität aus deutschland

Lifestyle, best value for money, design-engineering ... bei DEZENT würde man es vermutlich ein wenig bodenständiger, bescheidener ausdrücken: Doch in der Praxis waren diese Begriffe dem Unternehmen mit Wurzeln im Sauerland nie fremd. Schon vor vielen Jahren zeigte die innovative Firma als einer der ersten Hersteller, dass attraktiv und modern gestaltete Leichtmetallfelgen durchaus nicht nur etwas für schnelle Sportwagen oder teure Limousinen sind - und trat damit eine Lawine los.
Während die Maxime "Top-Qualität zum fairen Preis" durchaus als zeitlos erachtet werden kann, ist die Mode nicht immer so konstant. DEZENT enwickelt seine Produktpalette deshalb permanent weiter und spürt neue Trends auf.
Doch nicht nur was das Design betrifft, bewegt sich DEZENT immer am Puls der Zeit, sondern auch bei der innovativen Technologie. So führen immer widerstandsfähigere Oberflächenbeschichtungen dazu, dass Aluminiumfelgen auch im Winter problemlos bewegt werden können, was früher quasi als Todsünde galt. der innovative EH2+Hump wiederum ermöglicht es, dass preiswerte Räder von DEZENT stilvoll Fahrzeuge mit serienmäßiger Runflatbereifung veredeln. Auch bei der Fertigung, die ausschließlich in Deutschland erfolgt, haben Pannen keine Chance: Jedes einzelne Rad durchläuft eine ausgeklügelte Kette an Kontroll- und Prüfstationen und wird anschließend vom TÜV abgenommen und zertifiziert. So spart DEZENT weder an der Qualität, noch am Design, sondern allein bei Preis und Fehlern.
Und dies hat sich längst auch international herumgesprochen. Eine ausgefeilte Logistik in Verbindung mit einer umfangreichen Lagerhaltung ermöglicht eine flächendeckend hohe Verfügbarkeit und verhindert Wartezeiten.



dotz 4x4

DOTZ SURVIVAL wheels for individualists, on and off road.......Experience pure adventure!


alcar hybridrad

The steel wheel of the future. The hybrid wheel represents the symbiosis combining the pluses of the steel wheel and the design requirements of an alloy wheel.


alcar stahlrad

Steel wheels in original equipment quality for all of the current vehicles on the market – all over the world.


alcar stahlrad

Our proprietary brand in original equipment quality for all of the current vehicles on the market – all over the world.

As a market leader in the steel wheel aftermarket sector ALCAR STAHLRAD provides its customers with products in original equipment quality. Our steel wheels meet OE standards, not just with regard to form, measurements and material, but they have also been tested by Germany's TÜV certification institutes and the German Federal Department of Motor Vehicles (KBA) to ensure that they meet the strictest criteria for quality. ALCAR STAHLRADs product range includes passenger motor vehicles and light lorries, and with over 600 different articles, covers the entire spectrum of vehicles - from A as in Alfa to Z as in Zafira. Perfectly coordinated production and logistics services guarantee that over 2.5 million wheels are available at 14 warehouse sites for our European customers in time for the winter season.

Our main customers include our own distribution companies across Europe, as well as numerous wheel importers and their global locations. We have maximised efficiency in order processing by offering our customers the option of ordering electronically, which allows us now to send out up to 50,000 wheels a day by road, rail or waterway.


alcar Sensor

The Future of TPMS is ALCAR

Sensor english 651

alcar SENSOR

The ALCAR Group was quick to keep an eye on the topic of TPMS, taking into account the spatial conditions for fitting the most common, direct measuring sensors in the development of new wheel designs as early as 2012. 2014 saw the market launch of the TPMS business area that increasingly gained momentum as an important strategic product segment, establishing itself as a core competence area within the ALCAR Group. Since mid-2020, the ALCAR Group has positioned itself even more broadly across Europe, especially in this important area, with a completely new product range - ALCAR Sensor.

Sensor english 465
ALCAR Sensor

The new sensor developments consist of the following improvements:

Increased vehicle coverage for Plug&Drive and Universal sensors

Currently the fastest over-the-air sensor programming on the market

Highly improved compatibility with independent TPMS workshop tools

Higher maximum speed approvals of up to
300 km/h


Sensor solo 651
Sensor 1024